Project Right to Housing


Project Right to Housing is a collective of housing justice organizers advocating for Housing First policies and working to support the demands of the unhoused community in Cambridge and beyond.

Our Objectives

  • Provide direct aid to Cambridge's unhoused community.

  • Create more supportive, low-barrier non-congregate shelters.

  • Educate the Cambridge community about housing justice and our undemocratic municipal leadership structure.

  • Elect city councilors who support pursuing a Housing First Model for Cambridge.

  • Reduce the power of the City Manager and make them accountable to community members.

What We've Done So Far...

  • Dominate Public Comment at City Council Meetings.

  • Got P.O. on Eliminating Hostile Architecture Passed.

  • Got Charter Right 1 on Investigating Non-Congregate Shelter Passed.

  • Two Lit Drops that targeted over 1,200 houses.

  • Provided Mutual Aid for the unhoused community both in and out of the shelter system.

  • Public Education & Raising Awareness through Social Media.

  • Solidarity Dinners and Other Programming with Green Street Shelter.