So far PR2H has helped bring over 100+ community members to voice their support for initiatives that support the unhoused community during city council meetings and helped with mutual aid efforts. 


The Green Street Shelter is currently the only non-congregate shelter in Cambridge. Unlike congregate shelters, where guests usually share bathrooms, common spaces, and bedrooms, non-congregate shelters provide all guests with individual rooms. Previous fundraisers have supported three dinners and arts programming at the shelter. This fundraiser will help us continue these initiatives through September. 


Literature drops are events during which members of the community help spread literature created by PR2H about the housing first model and current initiatives in Cambridge to help the unhoused community. This fundraiser will help cover printing costs for upcoming literature drops.   

This fundraiser will support educational and artistic events that stand in solidarity with the unhoused community and help educate Cambridge on the importance of a Housing First model. This includes our event in Starlight Square on July 6th which will have speakers from community leaders and members of the unhoused community and feature art, music, and theater! This fundraiser will help us give food vouchers to shelter guests who attend our events and thank them for their service.